For Sale.
Advertising for customer (one of my teachers from my Jr. High School days) who can no longer play.  
Early mode Motocaddy S1.  Like new – used only twice.  Includes battery charger (no battery, but
Rocky Mt Kaddy Kart will give a good price on a new battery to whomever purchases this cart).  
Asking $300, but will take offers.  RMKK will even throw in a one-year warranty on the mechanical
(Posted 7 Aug 2016)

Refurbished Powakaddy Freeway II. Very good
condition.  Modified to take standard GU1-size 12v Gel
battery, but can be reverted back to use custom
Freeway II Pb or Li battery.  
$200 cart only - battery and battery charger
.  One year RMKK warranty on mechanical
components (warranty does not cover electronic
(Posted 7 Aug 2016)
Rocky Mountain Kaddy Kart
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Denver, Colorado  80222
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Used and Refurbished Carts For Sale
Page updated on 20 Dec 2016

One early-model and one late-model Powakaddy Robo remote controllable cart.  Battery and battery
charger not included with either cart.  Carts acquired on trade-in and are being sold as is.
 Both carts
have been checked and are very clean and in very good condition.  
If interested, we will let you take
them out for an 18-hole test drive.
 $250 for the early model Robo and $350 for the later model Robo.  
We will give an exceptionally good price on the battery and charger to whomever purchases these
charts.  If you buy both carts together, we will cut you an even better deal.

Refurbished Powakaddy Freeway  SOLD
One-year old electrical controller, late-model clutches, new handle wiring, good condition pneumatic
tires, drink/sand bottle holder, scorecard holder, and anti-tip back wheel.  One-year RMKK warranty
on mechanical components.  Battery charger and battery not included in this deal.
$100.  Price is non-negotiable - this is too good of a deal as is!
Used Powakaddy Freeway  SOLD
For sale on consignment basis.
Good condition with pneumatic tires.  Motor runs quiet and has good condition brushes.  Battery and
battery charger included.  Sold as is.  No return or refunds.
Used late-model Powakaddy Robo remote controllable cart. SOLD
For sale on consignment basis.  Sold as is and sale is final, but we will let you take it out for a round or
two to try it out.