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Bokuto application in the practice of fundamental kendo
techniques.  The information contained is as taught by the
creator of the practice.
Information in this section includes description of the uniform, how
to don the garments, and care and maintenance,
Practice fundamentals cover the basics of etiquette,
postures, movements, and footwork.
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Descriptions of the kendo armor, how it is worn, procedures for
tying for transport and storage, basic repairs, and supplemental
The Shinai
Provided to us by our friends at Kendo America
Mushinkan Dojo
Mushinkan Dojo has centered its training on Musoshinden
Ryu iaido.  Since our training schedule changes periodically,
it is best to contact us for current information.
Our kendo focus has combined with the Ito Dojo in
Arvada, west of Denver. Beginner and advanced practice
is held Sundays starting at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Practice
for advanced students only is held on Wednesdays starting
at 7:15 in the evening.  The Ito Dojo practices are held at
the Duncan Family YMCA, 6350 Eldridge Street, Arvada,
Colorado 80004.
IAIDO: Southeast Denver
KENDO: Denver