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Bokuto application in the practice of fundamental kendo
techniques.  The information contained is as taught by the
creator of the practice.
Information in this section includes description of the uniform, how
to don the garments, and care and maintenance,
Practice fundamentals cover the basics of etiquette,
postures, movements, and footwork.
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Descriptions of the kendo armor, how it is worn, procedures for
tying for transport and storage, basic repairs, and supplemental
The Shinai
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Mushinkan Dojo
The style of iaido taught at Mushinkan is Musoshinden Ryu.  Mushinkan's mentor
is Oda Katsuo Sensei, iaido Hanshi, 8th Dan; kendo Kyoshi, 7th Dan from
Shizuoka, Japan.  
Mushinkan also conducts kendo classes; however, students are accepted by invitation only.  
Mushinkan's kendo mentor is Ota Tadanori Sensei, Hanshi, 8th Dan from Tokyo, Japan;
retired head instructor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department kendo program.

Practice Times & Scheduled Events
(updated 5 Jan 2017)

Mushinkan is a small school with focus on individualized instruction.
Both  kendo and iaido programs are currently full and new students are not being accepted.
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